Introducing the Digital Energy Currency (DEC), a cryptocurrency for a circular economy demanding clean energy to power blockchain networks.

A blockchain solution for natural gas companies

For Natural Gas Operators: DECs are governed by a smart offtake agreement (SOTA) framework, allowing transparent management for natural resource contracts that simplifies access to low-cost, cleaner power.

Tokenize your resources

Join a fast growing number of natural resources projects using the DEC.

Manage your resources

Set the price for your resources and trade them simply and transparently.

An affordable power solution for data-mining companies

For Data Centre Operators: SOTAs allow data centre operators and individual crypto miners to stake (buy and hold) DECs to secure power capacity and potentially acquire future power capacity at a discount.

Data centres located onsite

Use DECs to buy and secure power for your data centres onsite from excess or wasted natural resources.

Buy what you need

Find projects with available power sites and buy what you need to keep your mining cost-effective.

A simple way to start mining and secure server hosting space

For Crypto Miners: DECs provide crypto miners a simple way to obtain access to server hosting and co-location spaces on the PermianChain Miner platform.

Access managed server hosting

Allow PermianChain to buy and manage mining servers on your behalf on our partners’ power sites.

Sell your excess capacity

Trade your DECs across the PermianChain power marketplace to keep your project running efficiently.

An efficient strategy for individuals and communities for a circular economy

For Individuals: DECs unlock untapped value from natural resources to individuals and communities. By stacking DEC, holders can now earn from excess electricity and from their contribution to the mining pool.

Tearing down the barriers to entry

DEC offers a business opportunity for P2P trading of energy and computing power as an added source of income.

Enhancing community development

See how your project is developing and support energy projects that offer positive returns and long-term impact on society and environment.

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